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Tap into Tomorrow: Bathroom manufacturer’s priorities for the next government

As the UK heads into a pivotal general election year, the BMA’s Tap into Tomorrow document details the critical industry priorities the next government should incorporate into their manifestos

The prime minister told reporters before Christmas 2023 that “2024 will be an election year.” Whether it’s held in the summer or autumn, the very latest the election can be held is Tuesday, 28 January 2025. Rishi Sunak’s current “working assumption” leans toward the autumn, but of course, this is not set in stone and could be announced sooner.

Regardless of the current polling, which suggests 54% of Britons think it likely that the Labour Party will win the next general election with a clear majority, the next government will have a burgeoning inbox of priorities.

For the bathroom manufacturing sector, our Tap into Tomorrow document, launched in October 2023, details the crucial priorities that the next government must consider around public health, industry standards, and sustainability.

The matters outlined in the report contain urgent measures for adoption into political party manifestos to avoid significant risks to our industry, communities and consumer safety. They range from streamlining regulations, product compliance and safety measures, professional standards, public conveniences, water efficiency and water scarcity, and growing our export market.

The BMA’s strategic priorities for the industry, the environment, and consumers would help drive positive change. The priorities we have outlined for the next government underscore the untapped potential within our industry, waiting to be harnessed. The BMA remains committed to collaborating, advising, and working hand-in-hand with policymakers to bring this vision to life. The future beckons, and with the right decisions, our industry can truly make an unparalleled difference in the UK.

Follow the link to read the Tap into Tomorrow document in full.

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