Get Lavvy Savvy

A new campaign #GetLavvySavvy #CheckYourLavvy launched in February 2021 to change the way we all think about our loos.

You may have a leak in your toilet and not realise it.

Like any piece of functional machinery, WCs need maintenance and there are three simple steps you can take to properly look after your lavvy and spot any leaks.

BMA has created three videos to show you how to prevent leaks and fix them if you spot one, encouraging everyone to tackle water waste and decrease their water consumption.

This is a message which can be shared by many different stakeholders including BMA members, water companies, lobby groups and media. We encourage you all to get involved.

Water scarcity is a crucial issue for the UK as climate change and population growth are predicted to create a structural deficit in water resources by 2050.

Research carried out by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association in July 2020 showed three quarters of British adults try to save water whenever they can and around half of those surveyed would like to improve their household efficiency. But worryingly, four in ten adults are not sure how to improve the water efficiency in their home.

Bathroom Manufacturers Association members are committed to playing their part in lowering domestic water consumption by reducing waste water. By continuously improving and innovating we are designing the bathrooms of the future and doing everything we can to help consumers and tradespeople cut down on water waste.

Raising the profile of the issue and outlining proper toilet maintenance will help consumers think twice about the cost, not only to their pockets but also to the environment.

To help increase awareness of the Get Lavvy Savvy messages we have created a toolkit for anyone to get involved.

It includes branded materials and ideas which you can share.

We want as many people as possible to learn about preventing and spotting leaks in toilets.

#GetLavvySavvy #CheckYourLavvy will involve a flood of social media videos, infographics, Twitter cards, media coverage etc. all designed to raise awareness of water wastage in WCs and simple maintenance steps.

Please get in touch with Ciara Jagger with any queries.