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Work Safe, Safe Work

Over the last few months, during the Covid-19 lockdown, people have spent a lot of time looking at their homes and thinking about how they could be improved. Now homeowners are finally able to put their plans and ideas into practice, it is important they have full confidence that the work can be carried out safely.

Several BMA members and partners have been assembling information which installers and their customers can use to make sure jobs are carried out safely. We support and endorse all efforts to provide consumers with that confidence.

Top of the list Trustmark’s Work Safe, Safe Work scheme, which includes interactive videos and a short guide. Our friends at the British Institute of KBB Installation have also produced a useful decision tree. Lakes Showering Spaces have produced an Installer Guide and Homeowner Guide.

Installers are also advised to check out the constantly updated guidance being published on Construction Leadership Council’s Website and Health and Safety Executive.

As more resource become available will update this page of our website, so check back.

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