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Will this tiny tech solve the leaky loo challenge?

Will this tiny tech solve the leaky loo challenge?Thomas Munch-Laursen is a Denmark-based engineer who has worked in sustainable living for many years. He says technology is key to tackling the water crisis.

My mission is to reduce water consumption globally. We can empower people to make changes to protect the earth’s resources, and with the right information we can all voluntarily make a difference.

We know a lot of water is wasted in toilet leaks which go unnoticed. With around 5-8% of toilets in the UK leaking, this is a very real problem and that is why the #GetlavvySavvy message is so important.

Identifying the leaks is not always as easy as it might sound, and detection is half the battle. But a unique bit of technology has been created to provide the solution. The Aguardio leak sensor works in two ways, as a stand-alone unit, it will detect a leaking toilet and will make a sound altering the user.

Alternatively, it can be used with a smart device in a group of buildings, notifying either the facility manager, landlord or the tenant when there is a leak.

Installation is extremely easy, taking less than a couple of minutes. You simply clamp the unit onto the toilet water inlet with a strip, and you are good to go. No plumbing or professionals required. This sensor can detect leaks as little as five litres of water an hour, not even visible in the toilet pan, and count the number of toilets flush, which can be used for example to optimise cleaning routines. They can also be mounted on the washbasin, identifying leaking water taps and providing data on how often the water tap is being used. Combined with data on the number of toilet flushes, Aguardio Leak Sensor data provides insights to understand better behaviour related to the use of the bathroom.

Using technology like this will help people live more sustainably, by being aware of water waste when it happens. Water leakage in toilets is a problem not often properly understood or assessed. It is a shame as it ends up costly, not only for the environment but also the people whose toilet is leaking.

At Aguardio, we are hoping to work with schools, housing associations and other facilities in the UK to install sensors in washrooms across the country.  

UK testing of the Aguardio Leak Sensor is currently ongoing.

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