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Why installation should not be forgotten as part of the COVID bounce back

I think it’s fair to say that the industry is progressing well with its plans for return following the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak in March.

Manufacturers are doing a great job in re-opening their production and logistics operations, as are the retailers who begin to welcome consumers back into their showrooms (virtually and physically). All of which is great, because not only will these measures reduce the risk of virus spread, but these measures will also get the industry and economy back sooner rather than later.

However, sadly installations have a proven track record of being fairly disjointed from the rest of the industry and I see the current situation as being a real problem as a result.

We’ve seen another global economy’s bouncing back as consumers choose to invest in home improvements, however, according to a recent consumer survey (Insight Retail Group), only a third would be happy to have tradespeople in their homes.

We, therefore, have one hell of a job on our hands in the provision of consumer peace of mind and that’s where we come in.

BiKBBI has worked with multiple agencies, including the BMA, in producing practical advice and guidance for members. In fact, that’s. not strictly true, as the advice and guidance are available to everyone.

We hosted a series of ‘return to work’ seminars to assist the message, which was attended by over 8,000 people over a month-long campaign.

It’s incredibly important therefore that installation is factored in and that the industry recognises the importance of installation within the customer’s decision-making process. Remember, the government have drummed it into us that our homes are a place of sanctity – a safe place that this virus finds hard to penetrate. So, we must collectively promote safe operating practices (found on our website, not only with health benefits in mind but also with customer perception.

Good luck with the return and remember… Together, we’re stronger.

This guest blog was provided by Damian Walters, Chief Executive at The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI)

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