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Who are Lecico Bathrooms

Lecico’s history dates back to 1928; over the following decades, the business pioneered the manufacture of ceramics in the Middle East.

Lecico now has the capacity to produce 6.2 million pieces of sanitaryware per year and exports to more than 50 countries. The factories employ more than 5,000 people and are fully certified to ISO 9001/14001/18001 and hold approvals from national authorities such as NF, KIWA and TUV.

In the UK, Lecico Bathrooms supply a wide variety of market sectors, including education, healthcare, residential, leisure and hotels. A broad product range encompasses all key product areas, including sanitaryware, baths, showers, shower enclosures and trays, taps, and commercial products, including Doc M packs.

Lecico Bathrooms offer their extensive range of products under three brands:

Atlas Trade
Atlas Pro
Design Series

Atlas Trade is one of the UK’s most trusted and respected brands of bathroom products. Our product solutions are functional, reliable and offer great value for money.  Atlas Trade ceramics, furniture and brassware are suitable for price-conscious residential applications.

Atlas Pro provides a wide range of sanitaryware solutions to meet the needs of commercial washroom installers and specifiers. Atlas Pro ceramics, DocM, school WCs, and specialist brassware and showering are suitable for commercial buildings.

Design Series consists of families of bathroom solutions to suit all tastes and budgets, from contemporary to classic. Design Series offers high-quality ceramics, pre-built furniture, brassware, showers, shower enclosures, and baths for any design-conscious installation of bathroom products.

Lecico Bathrooms were the first sanitaryware manufacturer to have a WC pack registered on the UK Water Label back in 2008 and have continued to drive water efficiency since then. As a leading manufacturer of bathroom products, Lecico Bathrooms are also aiding government in its quest to reduce water consumption by producing new, exciting, innovative, and technologically advanced bathroom products. Lecico Bathrooms product development and technical roadmaps contain a plethora of innovative initiatives to support water conservation, and current ranges of water-saving products include WCs which only require 4/2.6 litres of water for flushing, waterless urinals, water saving baths, and flow restrictors in taps.

In 2022, Lecico Bathrooms also announced an exclusive UK partnership with Propelair – designers and manufacturers of the world’s lowest water-flush toilet, which uses only 1.5 litres per flush. Propelair toilets are the highest performers under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines and use up to 84% less water than conventional toilets.

Lecico Bathrooms have grown significantly over the last number of years, and their strong performance has led to significant market share gains. These gains are the result of a combination of building a strong team of experienced leaders, innovative product development initiatives, and a focus on providing the highest levels of service to customers. The fundamentals of having reliable and well-made products with high availability and good customer service remain the key focus for Lecico Bathrooms.

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