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What’s your long-term marketing strategy?

Why investing in marketing now could pay dividends in 2022.

When supply shortages hit, many look to cut the marketing budget. Robin Cordy, Marketing Director at NBS, explains why this can be counter-intuitive for bathroom manufacturers and how forward-thinking marketing strategies can lead to more orders down the line.

COVID-19 and Brexit have compounded a lasting building supply shortage affecting manufacturers across the UK. As budgets are squeezed, many businesses in the sector are considering dialling down their marketing strategies.

However, slashing the marketing budget can risk cutting your business off from an audience with huge potential that is actively looking for your product.

Find the digital footfall

The digitisation of construction methods has transformed many aspects of the industry, most notably, how projects are planned and designed. A recent NBS and the Construction Products Association study found that 72% of architects would look to download information about a product for “immediate use”, and 95% want product information in digital format.

Specifiers, designers and architects are increasingly planning projects months and even years in advance using digital platforms to source and specify products. By ensuring your product is on the platforms’ specifiers are using, your product is immediately in front of the right audience.

Being able to easily find and use digital product data is essential for architects and designers. And having products listed digitally doesn’t just make it easier for specifiers to find them; it can also enable architects to re-specify trusted products, resulting in a steady sales pipeline for listed manufacturers.

Real-time results

Listing your products on digital platforms like NBS Source can offer manufacturers huge benefits. For example, Ideal Standard International won sole supplier agreements and significantly increased its market share by launching its BIM offering and ensuring architects could easily access its product information digitally.

It’s time to take a different approach. While competitors slash their marketing budgets, a new strategy and a little investment will raise your profile among specifiers – and you’ll reap the rewards long-term.

Learn more at our webinar

In the past year, over 5000 approved construction projects require bathrooms*, and with thousands of NBS users looking for products like yours – bathroom products are in demand. To learn more about NBS and list your products on our leading specification and data platforms for the built environment, NBS Source and NBS Chorus, watch our webinar: “Bathroom & Kitchen Manufacturers: How to get specified”.

*Glenigan, Planning Approved Projects over £250k, August 2021.

Guest blog provided by NBS

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