Webinar: Coming regulation for material and products in contact with drinking water

From October 19 to November 16, the coming approval system for materials and products in contact with drinking water underwent a crucial public consultation phase. Aligned with Article 11 of the Drinking Water Directive, released at the close of 2020, this method promises to shape the future of how we handle materials in contact with drinking water. While the consultation shed light on navigating this terrain, it also sparked numerous questions.

That is why Kiwa invites all stakeholders to their exclusive English webinar, where they will delve into the current proposal and address your queries. This webinar is part of a series designed to keep the market updated on upcoming legislation and industry developments.

This event is entirely free of charge, and Kiwa will be live online to provide insightful answers. Parts of the webinar have been pre-recorded. Join esteemed specialists, Mr. Dirkjan van den Berg and Mr. Dietmar Altemeier, as they guide you through the intricacies of the new working method and highlight key considerations. In addition to presenting the current working method, they will share the latest news and outline the upcoming steps in this dynamic field.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and prepare for the future of drinking water safety. Register now the free webinar here.

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