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VitrA’s commitment to a greener future

VitrA Bathrooms, based in Oxfordshire, is the UK flagship brand of the Eczacıbaşı Group, one of Turkey’s most prominent industrial groups. This Member Monday, VitrA is highlighting its commitment to sustainability, as they set a new eco-standard with their new recycled ceramic washbasin.

Above: Recycled Ceramic Washbasin, in the rectangular shape.

VitrA has just launched its new recycled ceramic washbasin, made entirely from recycled manufacturing waste, establishing it as the first and only washbasin of its kind globally. This innovation reduces the global warming potential of its production by 30% per product, transforming materials once considered waste into valuable resources.

The recycled ceramic washbasin, utilizes and repurposes waste materials, including discarded ceramics, from its production process. Developed at the VitrA Production Campus in Bozüyük, Türkiye, this innovative product has been designed to have minimum environmental impact, underscoring VitrA’s commitment to sustainability by reducing waste, conserving resources and maximizing circular economy opportunities. The washbasins are available in a matt taupe finish and in five distinct shapes, in what is just the beginning of a collection which will feature additional products and colours, further reinforcing VitrA’s commitment to environmental health and sustainable practices.


Above left: recycled ceramic washbasin in the round shape

Above right: diagram of the manufacturing process for the 100% recycled ceramic washbasin

The products’ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)**, conducted in accordance with ISO 14040:2006 and 14044:2006 standards, demonstrated that the use of waste materials led to a reduction of almost 30% in the products’ global warming potential. This sustainable manufacturing resulted in approximately 5 kg of raw material savings per product, a 36% improvement, and a 2.48 kWh reduction in electricity usage per product, reflecting a 38% enhancement, due to the decreased reliance on raw materials.

“We are determined to maximise our contribution to the circular economy.”

Eczacıbaşı Building Products’ CEO Özgen Özkan highlighted VitrA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the ceramic sector, stating, “By integrating circular design principles and innovative business models, we’ve begun repurposing waste from our ceramic sanitaryware production. This approach allows us to conserve natural resources, reduce environmental impact, and cut carbon dioxide emissions, all while managing costs and material constraints more effectively. Our 100% recycled washbasin embodies our dedication to resource efficiency, waste reduction, and a stronger circular economy.”

An estimated 30% reduction in environmental impact

Özgen Özkan highlighted the environmental impact of producing the world’s first 100% recycled ceramic washbasin, noting a 30% reduction in global warming potential per product. He explained, “These new washbasins benefit from VitrA Hygiene technology, and we are advancing our research and development efforts to incorporate recycled materials into the glazing process. With an eye on expanding our sustainable product portfolio, we’re exploring new designs and applications, from packaging to branding with new icons, all made from up to 100% recycled materials derived from our own production waste.”

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