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Water is an essential natural resource which must be preserved and the idea that we have to use water more wisely is gaining traction. Using water wisely will help ensure that a growing population will continue to have the water it needs, protecting the environment and having a positive impact on climate change.

It is even more important during this challenging time that we do not forget the need to use water wisely but adapt to ensure that public health and safety is not comprised whilst still being aware of water efficiency.

The Unified Water label (UWL) is a European wide initiative developed to help consumers make more informed choices about the products they buy, by providing clear information about water and energy usage.

Conceived in the UK, the UWL is now being driven forward by The European Bathroom Forum (EBF). There is support across Europe with a common platform that currently includes four labelling schemes; Swedish Energy, Swiss Energy, ANQIP and the European Water Label. These schemes are in the process of merging to one common agreed criteria.

The UWL has experienced strong growth; 18 manufacturers and a database of 800 products in 2008 growing to 155 brands and a database of 14,706 in 2019.

The EBF is seeking support from manufactures to make use of the UWL and promote in order for a Voluntary Agreement to be achieved. The current focus is on achieving an 80% market representation for taps and showers by March 2021.

Companies that choose to use the UWL on their products can gain a competitive advantage, as there is clear evidence that consumers are seeking to understand more about the environmental credentials of the products they buy.

All the information required to register products and the opportunity for them to be included in a directory can be found on the UWL website, which can be found here

This guest blog was written by Yvonne Orgill, MD at Unified Water Label

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