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There have been recent calls for the government to introduce water efficiency measures, following research that highlighted how many people underestimate the amount of water they use in the home.

Commissioned by Water UK and Waterwise the survey found that 46% believe their household uses under 20 litres a day (roughly equivalent to taking a two-minute shower) when the true figure is closer to 142 litres per person per day.  This means an average family of four in the UK could use more than 500 litres each day.

Whilst all news is good news when it comes to raising awareness about the need to use water wisely, the industry already has a smart tool that can help homeowners make more informed decisions about the bathroom products they buy.

The Unified Water Label, (UWL) is readily available on many bathroom products and supported by 160 brands across Europe.  The collective industry has a role to play in promoting awareness of the UWL and the benefits it can bring in helping consumers understand the choices they make.  We have water-efficient products but unless we educate the user on how to use them responsibly, we will not reduce water wastage.

Time and time again, research has shown that consumers do want to know more about water and energy consumption of bathroom products, it is the industry that is failing to respond to this.  The research from Water UK and Waterwise also found that while people are unsure about the amount of water they consume, the vast majority (68%) say they are willing to reduce the amount of water they use at home to help protect the environment.

If the industry works together we can sell more innovative products, and together with the UWL deliver the ‘package’ of measures to help users understand their water use and influence behaviour change.

This guest blog was written by Yvonne Orgill, MD at Unified Water Label

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