Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Awards

We are proudly launching the BMA’s Sustainability Awards 2021, giving members the perfect platform to showcase their environmental progress.

This is the first time BMA has organised an awards event like this, and it is a direct response to the phenomenal hard work of members who are making sustainability a priority across the sector. 

t’s an exciting venture, giving everyone something to look forward to, and we hope all our members will participate and enjoy the challenge.

Entrants can showcase their project, team and company, helping to raise the bar of achievement and inspire others. 

This is about giving a well-deserved boost to all those who are changing things for the better, transforming the bathroom sector’s environmental credentials.

We are excited to establish and grow these awards in future years as the bathroom industry breaks new ground in terms of its sustainability. 

How to enter  

The awards are open to full BMA members and affiliates. The deadline is 5pm August 27, 2021. 

Each entry will include a 400 word submission explaining the sustainability improvement, along with a short supporting video which can be self-shot footage.   

High-profile judges have been specifically selected for each of the categories, and will be looking for quality, impactful and inspirational examples of sustainability in action.  

The categories, judges and sponsors are:  

CARBON REDUCTION AWARD Sponsored by Elemental

Around the world businesses are rallying in response to climate change and the race to zero carbon. In the UK, the Government is seeking a zero-carbon recovery from the pandemic. This award will recognise the efforts of bathroom manufacturers to reduce their carbon impact, through energy efficiency, adoption of renewables, greening the fleet, etc.
The criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) level of carbon abatement 3) execution of the initiative.

Judging Panel: Chair of the Lords Select Committee on the Environment & Climate Change, Baroness Kate Parminter; Dr Sharon George, Environmental Sustainability course director at Keele University; and Brian Berry, Chief Executive at Federation of Master Builders.    

 Unified Water Label Association

One of the first effects of climate change is water scarcity. Over 60% of domestic water consumption is in the bathroom, so our sector has a large role to play in improving water efficiency. This award will recognise innovations that maintain consumers’ bathroom experience while improving water efficiency. The criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) potential water efficiency achieved 3) innovativeness of the product.   

Judging Panel: Tom Andrewartha, Chair, Water Efficiency Network, Water UK; Jacob Tompkins, Co-founder, The Water Retail Company, and Yvonne Orgill MD, Unified Water Label Association. 

Used Kitchen Exchange

In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources. As manufacturers, BMA members have a role in moving towards circularity. This award will recognise companies’ efforts in materials stewardship, reducing and removing waste, or designing products with repairability in mind. The criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) fidelity to circular economy principals 3) scale of impact  

Juding panel: Pat Hermon, Life Cycle Assessment Expert; Jane Thornback, Sustainability Advisor at the Construction Products Association; and Emma Hedges, Editor of KBB Focus.   

Fleet Evolution 

Bathroom manufacturers, as employers, can significantly benefit the environment by nudging their staff’s behaviours both inside and outside of work. This award will recognise initiatives that bring teams on the green journey. The criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) extent and quality of staff involvement 3) potential environmental impact.

Judging panel: Anna Scothern, NHIC, Richard Collins, CSR Accreditation, Philippa Turrell, K&B News


“No one is too small to make a difference”. This award will honour the individuals who have gone above and beyond to make a difference on sustainability. The criteria for this award will be 1) the actions of the individual 2) their inspirational effect on others 3) the outcome of the nominee’s actions.

Judging panel: Andrew Davies, Taylist Media Andy Mitchell, Tideway London Jade Lewis, Sustainable Energy Association 


Can I enter myself or is it a company entry?  
Individuals, projects, team entries and company submissions can all be made, and you can make multiple different entries. There is no charge for entering.  

How do I create the film footage for the submission?   

You use any type of film footage for this as long as it is connected to the project, it can be corporate professional film or it can simply be a self-shot video, taken on a phone talking through the entry. We are not judging the quality of your filming skills, please do not be put off by this. We’re simply looking for some footage to support the entry. The film should be a minimum 1 min long and there is no minimum quality requirement for the video. You can submit it via WeTransfer or DropBox. 

When is the event?
23rd November 2021, Conrad St James, Hotel, London.

12.30pm Drinks Reception followed by a 3 course meal and the awards ceremony

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How do I enter?  

  1. Write a 400-word entry on why you meet the criteria for the award 
  2. Film one short video to back up the entry (no minimum quality requirement for the video, WeTransfer/DropBox) 
  3. Email your entry to 

Any queries about submissions, or how to enter, please get in touch. Or you just want to check you are on the right track, please contact Amy Kirk for all the answers