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Special Interest Groups for bathroom manufacturers launch 

The first meetings in a series of new BMA Special Interest Groups dealing with specific issues in the sector, launched recently and appointed chairs. 

The Public Washrooms group is being led by Richard Braid, Managing Director at Cistermiser Cistermiser & Keraflo, and the Health and Adaptions group is being jointly chaired by Katy Rogers, Business Director at Rada Controls, Kohler Mira, and Steve Huntly, Managing Director, Coram.  

The groups will meet again on July 13, at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, and anyone unable to make the initial meetings is welcome to attend. 

BMA Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, said: “These open-forum groups are a direct response to feedback from members who have a shared interest in these specific topics, and I was overwhelmed by the attendance at both.  

“With the public making more use of the great outdoors during the pandemic, focus on public spaces and amenities has never been greater. 

“And with bathroom’s being the most commonly adapted room in our homes, the changes to help people maintain their independence are wide ranging.”  

Richard Braid, MD of Cistermiser & Keraflo, said: “So many public toilets closed during lockdowns or have been poorly maintained, and this having an impact on our communities and our local economies.  

“We know, even prior to coronavirus, the high street was under huge pressure. If public washrooms aren’t open that is a real restrictor for people.” 

Katy Rogers, Business Director at Rada, said: “What a great initiative from the BMA to focus on setting up special interest groups where we can work as an industry to drive progress and positive momentum. I’m very excited to play my part in co-chairing the Healthcare and Adaptation SIG with Steve.” 

Steve Huntly, Managing Director, Coram, said: “It is so energising when you can collectively work on industry challenges. Hearing the voices of experience, and harnessing the capabilities within the BMA members, brings about a new energy and real capability to tackle the bathroom challenges that effect millions of people every day.” 

The special interest groups are open to BMA members and non-members. If you were unable to make the first meeting, you’re welcome to attend the next. To book your place on the upcoming Special Interest Groups, both taking place on July 13, at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, contact [email protected] 


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