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Refresh vs Refurb: Top ways to update your bathroom without having to spend a fortune

Living through a pandemic has changed a lot for everyone, especially when it comes to how we see our homes. They have become sanctuaries, a place that we have used to seek safety and comfort from an ever-changing world. Whilst there are many positives to be found, for many, spending months in the house has left a desire to make style changes.

With only 21% of people being proud of where they live* and 58% admitting they do not love their homes*, we want to prove how simple bathroom refreshments can replace costly room refurbishments. That is why this September Croydex are teaming up with the ‘National Home Improvement Month’. No matter what your budget, timeframe, or DIY capability is, updating your bathroom into a fresh feeling space is achievable by everyone.

Update your bathroom fabrics to inject colour and change the ambience of the bathroom without needing to paint or change costly sanitaryware.

Adding a new bathmat, towels and shower curtain can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. The best part? No DIY is needed and if you want to change the colour scheme at any time, you can save your accessories and just swap them out for new ones. With lots of budget options around for towels and the vast collection of curtains and mats from Croydex, you are sure to find something you love.

Coordinated wall-mounted accessories instantly dress a room and take the guessing work out of matching products together.

Matching accessories instantly gives a stylised finish. Within the Croydex collection, you can find drill and no drill options, a range of finishes and all the accessories you could possibly need to make your room fully functional in a matter of minutes.

Organisation can be used to refresh bathrooms of any size.

Being one of the busiest rooms in the home, a cluttered bathroom is not an uncommon occurrence. Storage is therefore not only essential but a brilliant way of instantly streamlining and tidying a room. You do not need to be a Marie Kondo magician either to organise a busy space! With riser rail baskets, hook over caddies, baskets, towel rails and plenty of other options to choose from, a few simple accessories can make a room feel like a whole new space.

Use luxury finishing touches for a high end, yet affordable finish

Luxe styling does not have to come with a price tag to match. Subtle classy finishes, such as a jewelled light pull, quartz seat or even sleek bevelled edge mirror offer a simple way to make a big impact.

The main message we want to share at Croydex is that bathroom luxury is attainable to everyone and does not have to cost a lot. Loving the home you live in does not have to mean spending money that you do not have.

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*Statistics collected on behalf of the National Home Improvement Month

This guest blog was provided by Croydex

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