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Recruitment Partnership with Simon Acres Group

It’s no secret that we are currently experiencing nationwide issues that affect our industry and all other industries alike. One area that is being affected significantly is recruitment. Businesses are subject to losing key workers to self-isolation amongst other reasons, which has a momentous detrimental effect on the levels of service that their clients are familiar with. 

With that in mind, the team at the Simon Acres Group are providing a service whereby we are introducing our immediately available candidates who could perhaps work on a temporary contract to those businesses who are experiencing issues in regards to losing their workforce. This introduction of Bathroom Manufacturers to temporary staff option is available immediately and we would charge no fee whatsoever for the introduction. This offering will support businesses during this difficult period and will allow them to maintain the levels of service that they are familiar with providing to their clients. 

Please get in touch with any member of the team at the Simon Acres Group on 0203 701 6660 to find out more about this business support and available candidates in your area. 

Further to this and moving forwards, the Simon Acres Group are delighted to be working in partnership with the Bathroom Manufacturers Association on a new specific recruitment service. 

We have a pool of self-financing candidates available who can add value and are actively looking for their next opportunity, who we would introduce to BMA members at competitive member rates. 

Some of our quality candidates will have experiences and transferable skills gained from other industries, which resolves the issue of candidates moving from one BMA member to another. All candidates will be pre-screened and evaluated by a member of the team to ensure they’re the right fit, before being introduced to the BMA member and where the uncertainty of a potential conflict of interest, the BMA will be consulted prior to the introduction being made. 

We know that people build a business, so please get in touch to add talented individuals to your team today.

This guest blog was written by Jordan Burns, Talent Management Consultant at Simon Acres Group

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