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Neoperl products save water, energy and money

As the cost of energy remains high, there’s never been a better time to reduce the amount of warm water running through showers and taps to save water, energy and money.

We understand that taps and valve showers are manufactured to an optimum flow rate so that they work well in any area, no matter what the prevailing water pressure rate might be. But the result is that in many circumstances, showers and taps have a higher flow rate than required, resulting in water splashing out of the basin or shower enclosure. If a tap is only used for hand washing or cleaning teeth and not to fill a bath quickly, the flow can be reduced significantly. When you consider the number of taps and showers we have in the home, the water savings soon add up to make a real difference.

Encouraging retailers and installers to provide a check on the water flow for all taps and valve showers installed, and where sensible retrofitting a flow regulator, which takes literally minutes to do, would substantially reduce the amount of clean and heated water from being thrown away down the drain.

Around 20% of the cost of energy used in the home is for heating water for showers, baths and taps, so any device that can reduce our water usage must be considered because the less water we use, the less energy we use and NOW the more money we save.

Some may be concerned that a reduction in the water flow will result in an inadequate shower, but technology and innovation in showering have changed all that.  Most standard European showers today produce around 18 litres of water a minute, yet an equally comfortable shower is possible from a shower head delivering around 12 litres of water. Suppose one considers a 7-minute shower a day; that’s 42 litres of water saved by one person per shower. Facts like these are hard to argue against in the current climate, especially when It’s estimated that 34% of all water used in the home is through showering and bathing.

It’s easy to see why fitting a water flow regulator to these appliances can help. These small devices can be retrofitted to convert an existing shower quickly and easily, simply by inserting it upstream of the shower outlet to reduce and regulate the water flow.

A world-leading water-saving flow regulator manufacturer has an integral dynamic control ring (DCR) at its core. As water flows through it and as the pressure fluctuates, the DCR deforms into the core of the flow regulator, either reducing or increasing the size of the orifice to enable a stable and constant flow independent of pressure. To retrofit a flow regulator is an easy job for a plumber; you simply need to obtain the right advice as to which regulator to fit to retain adequate performance and to purchase a simple tool to fit it.

NEOPERL is a world-leading water-saving flow regulator manufacturer based in Malvern, Worcestershire. It’s part of a family-owned German-Swiss company, a technology business that offers innovative solutions for drinking water. Their products shape the water stream, regulate the flow rate, and protect water from contamination.

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