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Moneycorp, a specialist money exchange supplier headquartered in London, has joined the Bathroom Manufacturers Association as an affiliate member.

With presences across Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East, moneycorp assists international companies with a full-range of payment needs, including business payment solutions, personal payments abroad, and supports the global supply chain of banknotes. 

The addition of moneycorp to BMA’s membership presents a solid alternative to banks, offering competitive exchange rates.  

Tom Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association said: “We’re proud to welcome moneycorp onboard, their services are of interest to many of our international members, and they can be an important partner for those looking to save time and money.  

“We work with stakeholders to make life easier for our members. It’s a key part of our offer.  

“Moneycorp is a well-respected international payments provider, working with thousands of business every year.  

“Their insight into international financial best practice will be a premium member benefit.” 

Moneycorp’s Head of UK Partnerships & Business Development, James Glynne-Percy, said:  

“Throughout the last 18 months, with the challenges posed by both Brexit and Covid-19, the manufacturing sector has proven itself to be resilient and adaptable. We couldn’t be more proud to support the BMA and offer international payment services to its members.  

“With moneycorp, we mitigate the risk involved in the FX markets which can often chop and change quickly. We’ll keep an eye on the exchange rates, so whether you import or export, with suppliers or customers overseas, we’re the extra pair of hands there to take care of your international payments, allowing you focus on your business.” 

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