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Member Monday – Coram UK

Impey works alongside their customers to champion innovation which allows for futureproofing within design. Bathroom designers are astutely aware of the need for longevity and of course want their designs to provide the right functionality for clients in years to come.

Impey wetroom products are primed to allow for flexibility. Whether this is through the addition of step-free showering access or the clever inclusion of subtle grab rails. Accessible bathrooms can be contemporary and functional. And oftentimes the longevity and suitability of a tailored multigenerational bathroom far outweighs the cost.

Impey’s portfolio continues to grow with the latest 1-way design for the Aqua-Dec Linear floor former, to complete the offering with one, two, three or four gradient falls. The modern aesthetic of a linear wetroom offers a huge variety of design and layout options. In addition, new choices for drain tops in a variety of brushed and polished colours, inspiring patterns and a tiled insert have brought wetroom style, personalisation and innovation to the next level.

Synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, Impey recently released its biggest Linear floor former yet (2000mm x 1200mm); perfect for spacious showering areas and larger bathroom projects.

Spotlight on Sustainability

Across the Coram Group both the UK and our European manufacturing sites are focusing heavily on sustainable development. Examining the business and considering processes, products, packaging, manufacturing and more, to ensure improvements are being made at every opportunity. Coram UK was recently shortlisted for a BMA Sustainability Award for the third year in a row.

2024 and Beyond

Impey continues to develop its portfolio following the recent launch of larger linear decs, with a focus on larger size wetroom floor options which are ideal for space and accessibility.

Plans to provide targeted segmentation that puts direct and indirect customer needs first will see the brand focus on the installer, retailer and merchant sectors throughout 2024.

Impey will also be offering virtual CPD and wetroom installation training from their purpose built wetroom hub in their Somerset HQ. Their popular ‘We Are Wetrooms’ training has already educated 1000s of installers and industry professionals on wetroom installation best practice.

Said Steve Huntly, Managing Director: “We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have made at Impey over the past 25 years. From the award-winning design of our floor formers to the market-leading manufacturing processes we have forged ahead with in our impressive UK factory; innovation is at the heart of everything we continue to achieve at Impey.”

Guest Blog provided by Coram UK

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