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Keeping water efficiency on the agenda

Even though the rain is lashing down as I write this blog we are still working hard at Waterwise to keep water efficiency on the agenda!

We’re almost coming to the end of #Pledge2021, our January water-saving campaign which aims to save at least 2,021 litres of water over 28 days. So far we’ve had over 1000 sign-ups, resulting in over 2.1 million litres of water saved – a fantastic result!

Next on the Waterwise agenda is our Annual Water Efficiency Conference ‘Mainstreaming Water Efficiency: Averting a UK water crisis ’ which is being held across the week of 15th – 19th March online and will be exploring a variety of topics including how we can get water efficiency mainstreamed into society, the economy, policy, regulation and behaviour across the UK. The conference is being sponsored by South West Water and others which allow us to offer tickets at the low price of £50 + VAT , if you would like to attend the conference or to find out more information head to our website

As we know the issue of leaking dual flush toilets hit the headlines last year with Tom Heap’s BBC Costing the Earth documentary. The programme highlighted the sheer scale of the problem and of the water wasted. Waterwise featured in it and indeed a third of our team had to fix a leaky loo last year! So it is really encouraging to hear from the BMA of the work underway by manufacturers to “design out” the problem. We hope this will be a great example where a water wasting problem is spotted, discussed and addressed through our collaboration efforts.

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