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Keep up with communications from the BMA via our app

We understand that staying up-to-date with the latest news and communications from the BMA is critical to your membership, but if you’re on the move, it can be challenging.

That’s why we offer a seamless digital experience that adapts to your needs. And we think our dedicated app could be just the tool you’re looking for.

For almost 18 months, the BMA’s dedicated app has connected members with real-time information and resources like technical and policy papers, committee updates, and news.

Members also have instant messaging access to our secretariat and can engage seamlessly with the association’s social media channels.

The events section hosts all our webinars and physical meetings, allowing members to register or book via the app and view the speaker’s information and venue details. It’ll even provide the WiFi code for BMA events.

But the benefits continue beyond there. Our app is tailored to streamline communications from the BMA with members, delivering a slick service on one platform. Unlocked sections are available immediately, while member-only areas, like the resource center, merely require registration for instant access.

Plus, we’re committed to constantly updating our app with industry and association news, so you’ll never miss a beat with push notifications alerting you to urgent updates.

So if you’re ready to take your membership experience to the next level, download the app here or visit your app store and search for ENGAGEFULLY. Then open the app, and on the welcome screen, search for BMA.

It’s available to all BMA members and affiliates, and any colleagues in these businesses can download and access it.

Join us today, and experience a whole new world of interconnectedness and communications from the BMA.

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