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How your retailers can generate higher quality leads from their website’s contact form

Most Bathroom retailers have a website using a popular website platform such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace or GoDaddy. Some websites are built in house by a marketing team, some by the business owner on a self-build platform like Wix, and others by third parties such as a web design agency.

Whilst modern websites look great, the majority don’t have the ability to generate quality leads and the contact forms on websites often just help to fill your inbox with spam, if this sounds familiar, keep reading.

Quick Improvements
There are a number of quick ways Bathroom retailers can improve their contact forms to increase the quality and accuracy of the data being entered:

Make sure all of the contact fields are required
This includes Name, Email, Phone and any other fields that are vital, some companies only include the name and email address in the required fields – if a customer really is a genuine lead, they will provide their full contact information.

Ensure you are using validation on your fields
Making your fields required is fine, however, you don’t really want to receive a lead that looks like this:

Name: James Smith
Phone: 00000

You need to ensure that your form has validation, e.g. email addresses have an @ sign and contain or .com – UK phone numbers need to start with 01,02,03,07 and have 11 digits for example otherwise customers can intentionally or unintentionally enter incorrect information.

Add security to your forms
Sick of spam in your inbox? The likelihood is that the website is being spammed by bots (computer software) that tries to send you emails offering “pills” or “get rich quick schemes” – this is very common. One way to avoid this is to use a reCAPTCHA plugin that protects your website from fraud and abuse – if you want to know more about form security, watch this video.

Implementing the above quick changes will decrease the spam and increase the quality of the leads making sure you get the best results from the standard contact form, however, there are now ways to improve this process.

A better way for 2021 – use an interactive lead form
Technology is ever-evolving and although the above changes are a starting point, you can vastly improve on the design, interaction and quality of the leads by using an interactive lead form.

An interactive lead form turns your contact form into a quiz, it asks your potential customer a series of questions about their project step by step, for example,

●      What type of room?
●      What style?
●      What budget?
●      Time scale?

Once the customer has completed the quiz they can provide their personal information such as name, email address and phone number. The end result is that you get a better idea of the customer’s requirements before you call which helps the sales process.

You can try a demo of an interactive lead form designed for Bathroom retailers on the KBB Leads website

Interactive lead forms check email addresses entered in real time using online spam databases to ensure the email is valid. All mobile numbers are checked to see if the phone has been switched on in the last 24 hours directly with the carrier e.g. EE or Vodafone – this makes sure that the number you dial will ring, something you can’t do with a normal contact form.

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This guest blog was provided by KBB Leads

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