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How to use Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is the tool you use to squeeze every penny out of your social media budget. 80% of KBB businesses don’t use this.

So even if you’re not running any campaigns now, getting Facebook Pixel is great preparation for when you do. Facebook Pixel can act as the all-seeing, all-knowing eyes of your site. Here’s why:

What is Facebook Pixel?
A small piece of code embedded in a website’s header. Its job is to track consumer’s habits and patterns.  This lets us change and adapt to create the ideal customer experience.

What does it consist of?
Facebook Pixel is split into two kinds of events (actions) you may want:

– Standard events – Generic codes copied from Facebook. They are used for typical actions such as purchases, leads, add to cart, add to Facebook, etc.

– Custom events – Specific actions a website owner wants to include.  These can add rules to standard events.  You can also use them to furtherly optimise your site.

How does this help?
Facebook Pixel gives you access to important information. Looking at customer behaviour means you can find out what’s working.  You’ll learn how to do things better. Or, if everything is going great, pat yourself on the back.

Facebook Pixel lets us:

– Track conversions
– Retarget audiences
– Create look-a-like audiences
– Optimise ads for conversions

Let’s talk about Sherry
Sherry owns an immersive, quality-driven bathroom business.  She’s recently set up a Facebook marketing campaign to increase leads.  After using Facebook Pixel, Sherry notices that she’s getting visitors on her site.  But very few are coming through her Facebook Ad.  This prompts Sherry to look at her campaign and see if there’s anything different she should do to get more conversions.

The man behind the mirror
With Facebook Pixel you can gain a great insight into the inner workings of customer habits.  Instead of intrusive surveys with dishonest answers, your KBB business can get an in-depth understanding of how to improve your ad campaigns and maybe even your business.

Need help?
Hopefully, this has given you all the info you need.  But if you want to know more about how Facebook Pixel can make your business feel one in a million, we can help.  At KBB LeadsLead Generation we are experts in generating leads for kitchen bedroom and bathroom businesses. To find out how we can benefit you, click here and contact KBB Leads.

This guest blog was provided by KBB Leads

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