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Hansgrohe: Green. Greener. “ECO 2030.”

Water is life and our passion. We create inspiring moments while protecting this precious element. In doing so, we take responsibility for people and the environment –  for our planet.

The son of our founder Hans Grohe, Klaus Grohe, made environmentally conscious thinking the maxim of Hansgrohe.  As early as 1990, Klaus Grohe said: “Climate change is not in the distant future, it is a reality. The whole of society must contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. We are setting the course today for the day after tomorrow.”

Our most important milestones in the area of sustainability to date have included the 50 percent water-saving Mistral Eco hand-held shower (1987), the construction of what was the largest roof-integrated solar power plant in Europe on the Hansgrohe factory in Offenburg (1992), Hansgrohe was the first manufacturer in the German sanitary industry to publish its own sustainability report (2005), the water and energy saving EcoSmart technology (2007), the energy saving CoolStart technology (2012), and the water saving spray type PowderRain (2019). In 2020, we established the Green Company, a team focused one hundred percent on realising our sustainability goals and measures. Since 2022, all of our global sites are climate neutral*.

Our goal is to conserve all the resources that are becoming increasingly scarce on earth or whose consumption is fuelling global warming, within our sphere of influence. This is what our mission statement expresses:  IN TOUCH WITH OUR PLANET.

We divide our planet protection initiatives, into three fields of action:

1) Hansgrohe conserves water cycles.

Safe fresh water is a valuable resource that is unequally distributed. In regions where water is scarce, it is vital to use it sparingly. Hansgrohe conserves water cycles by ensuring that our products save water while maintaining the same showering experience.

2) Hansgrohe protects the climate

The consumption of hot water costs a lot of energy. Saving water with Hansgrohe products therefore means reducing the energy consumption of sanitary facilities and protecting the climate.

3) Hansgrohe becomes part of the circular economy

Every resource that no longer needs to be extracted but can be recycled conserves our ecosystems and saves energy and water in production processes. Hansgrohe develops durable, repairable and recyclable products, sustainable packaging and uses materials that preserve our ecosystems..

2030: Consistent Switch to Eco Products

Our greatest lever for saving water, energy and thus CO2 is to reduce the water consumption of products during their many years of use. This is particularly true as long as energy sources with high emission values are mainly used for hot water production. Reducing the need for fresh hot water is our major goal.

By 2025, we will have converted 75% of our overhead and hand-held showers to EcoSmart. From then on, half of all washbasin mixers will operate on the basis of EcoSmart or CoolStart technology – without compromising on performance.  By 2030 we would have converted our entire shower and mixer portfolio.

Rethinking the Bathroom

We are an innovation leader in the bathroom sector. We will once again demonstrate this self-image with our “Green Vision”. The innovative, sustainable concept stands for the green future of the bathroom. It celebrates water in a way never experienced before and is the driver for the further transformation of our portfolio, our company and our business models.

*The Hansgrohe Group defines “ECO” as the reduction of water and/or energy consumption of water –

bearing products in use by at least 22 percent compared to the base year 2020.

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