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Get recognised and enter the BMA Sustainability Awards 2023

The BMA Sustainability Awards 2023 are fast approaching, and this is your chance to showcase your outstanding sustainability projects, products, or initiatives.

As a full or affiliate member of the BMA, you are exclusively invited to submit your award-winning entries and join us for the prestigious award ceremony on October 10th at the magnificent Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire as part of the BMA’s Annual Industry Conference.

The evening will begin with a networking drinks reception, followed by an elegant black-tie Gala Dinner and, of course, the highly anticipated award ceremony. In addition, we are hosting a raffle and auction, supporting the conference charity partner, CRASH. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

For your entry, we encourage you to craft a compelling 300-400 word narrative that encompasses the background, team members involved, the process, and, most importantly, the outcomes of your sustainability endeavour. This narrative will give the judges a clear understanding of your project’s impact and innovation.

In addition to the narrative, we request that all entries be accompanied by a video of up to three minutes. You don’t need expensive equipment; even a video shot on an iPhone can effectively showcase what sets your entry apart. Videos have the power to engage and inspire, so don’t underestimate their impact.

Submitting your entry is quick and easy. Use this convenient entry form to ensure your achievements receive the recognition they deserve.

Remember, the submission deadline is extended to August 31st.

This year, the BMA will present three distinct award categories: the Carbon Reduction Award, the Water Efficiency Award, and the new Open Category Award. These categories are designed to celebrate the incredible and innovative work our members are involved in, creating a better environment for everyone. Whether you have successfully reduced your carbon footprint, implemented water-saving strategies, or undertaken a unique sustainability project, there is a category for you.

Carbon Reduction Award – Sponsored by KBB Focus:

Businesses worldwide are uniting to tackle climate change, and in the UK, the Government is aiming for net zero emissions by 2050. This award will recognise those leading bathroom manufacturers who have taken strides toward reducing their carbon footprint with initiatives such as improved energy efficiency, investments in renewable resources, greening the fleet, etc.

Judging criteria: 1) Quality of the entry, 2) Level of carbon abatement, and 3) Execution of the initiative.

Water Efficient Innovation Award – Sponsored by UWLA:

UK Government initiatives such as the Environmental Improvement Plan and the Plan for Water actively encourage a more water-efficient built environment. The bathroom forms an integral part of this, contributing over 60% to domestic water use – making it vital that our sector takes steps towards meeting these plans. By recognising those who go beyond expectations with their efforts in minimising the use of this precious commodity, this award recognises those who are playing a pioneering role in water efficiency.

Judging criteria: 1) Quality of the entry, 2) Potential water efficiency achieved, and 3) Product innovativeness.

Open Category Award – Sponsored by Installer/Elemental:

This new category for 2023 recognises the various initiatives that bathroom manufacturers have embarked on in an aspirational path towards more sustainable practices. From transitioning operations to a circular economy model, educating staff about efficient water use, or inspiring consumers to make eco-friendly decisions through marketing and product campaigns – we are proud to recognise your incredible efforts in advocating for the planet.

Judging criteria: 1) Quality of the entry, 2) Scale of potential positive environmental impact, and 3) Outcomes achieved.


By entering the BMA Sustainability Awards 2023, you not only have a chance to win one of these prestigious awards, but you also contribute to the wider mission of promoting sustainability within the industry. Your accomplishments will inspire others and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

So, don’t wait any longer. Take action now and submit your entry to the BMA Sustainability Awards 2023. Seize this opportunity to gain recognition for your sustainability achievements, network with industry leaders, and make a difference. Together, let’s create a better and more sustainable future.

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