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Expert researchers join BMA as affiliate members

Specialist market research agency, MRA Research, has joined the Bathroom Manufacturers Association as an affiliate member. 

Providing independent, in-depth information and expert analysis, MRA Research’s work supports manufacturers to develop informed strategies based on insight and market realities.  

MRA Research CEO and founder Mike Rigby said: “Bathrooms are playing a bigger part in our lives than before.  

“We’ve been adding more of them to our homes and demanding more from them as places where we prepare for the day and unwind when we return.  

“Working from home, demographics, and the growth of multigenerational living are each setting new challenges.  

“We’re also learning to make better use of our water and using less of it more efficiently to live more sustainably.  

“There are a lot of exciting things happening in bathrooms, in both the domestic and commercial markets, and the BMA has done a lot to raise its profile in recent years.  

“We’re really looking forward to working more closely with the BMA, and the industry to provide the primary research it needs to support its growth and marketing.”  

BMA Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, said: “There is a natural affinity between the work MRA focuses on and the role of BMA, and I’m thrilled to welcome them as affiliates. 

“They have been delivering valuable insight and information to our members for years, building a better understanding of the merchant and bathroom retailer, through the reliable monthly and quarterly BMBI and PHMI stats.  

“These must-read assets give confidence to our members and enhance our ‘bigger picture’ vision of how the bathroom segment sits within the construction sector.” 

MRA is planning to expand the data capture and analysis in this arena, by establishing The Bathroom Trends Pulse Survey – a monthly ‘finger on the pulse’ tracking merchant sales expectations. 

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