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Elevating Standards in the Bathroom Manufacturing Industry

NSF has been a prominent independent global organisation dedicated to improving human and planet health for nearly eight decades. With a presence in 180 countries and recognition as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Water Quality, Food Safety, and Medical Device Safety, NSF is a trusted name in standards development, testing, inspection, certification, and advisory services.

While global in reach, NSF maintains a strong local commitment with a well-established presence in the UK, including its dedicated lab in Oakdale, Wales, which is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. NSF’s UK facility boasts a team of over 50 testing engineers and account managers who offer a range of essential services to the British Bathrooms Manufacturer Association (BMA) and its members.

Certification for Conformance

One of the primary ways NSF benefits the industry is by providing a streamlined certification process for UK bathroom manufacturers. This process encompasses testing and certifying plumbing products like fixtures, fittings, and components to ensure they meet the required industry standards. NSF’s certification enables manufacturers not only to sell their water products in the UK but also in European, North American, and international markets.

Quicker Path to Compliance

In response to industry demands for change, NSF launched an alternative fully accredited certification scheme for water fittings in the UK market in 2018. NSF now offers two new accredited certification schemes, NSF REG4 1+, and NSF REG4 S3, providing manufacturers with a flexible and efficient route to compliance. This streamlined process, with local in-house testing, eliminates uncertainty and significantly reduces product development and launch timelines. Certification decisions are made immediately upon completing product testing, avoiding the delays associated with committee meetings. This expedites the time to market by approximately four to six weeks, a crucial advantage for BMA members seeking to remain competitive.

Continuous Compliance Assurance

NSF’s dedicated account teams actively monitor product certification status and provide timely reminders for re-evaluation, ensuring continuous compliance. This proactive approach minimises the risk of products being abruptly removed from the market, providing peace of mind to BMA members.

Over the years, NSF’s commitment to excellence has resulted in the certification of more than 25,000 products in the EMEA region alone. Our dedication to rigorous testing, efficient processes, and local support is a testament to its value as a partner for UK bathroom manufacturers and BMA members seeking certification and compliance solutions.

NSF’s dedication to simplifying certification processes, ensuring compliance, and staying at the forefront of industry standards makes it a valuable partner for BMA members seeking to navigate the complex landscape of water product certification.

When you work with NSF, you gain access to the exclusive NSF mark, in-house product testing at our accredited labs, and the ability to bundle your testing and certification needs in one place. We invite members of the BMA to explore the benefits of working with NSF and join us in our mission to improve human and planet health through quality and compliance in the water industry.

Are you ready to elevate your standards and enhance compliance? Connect with us to discover how we can empower your brand and uphold the highest industry benchmarks. Visit our website or email us at [email protected] today.

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