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The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) is marking World Water Day by showing people how to prevent water waste in toilets.

To prevent hundreds of litres of water trickling down the toilet pan you should follow some simple maintenance steps. 

The BMA campaign #GetLavvySavvy #CheckYourLavvy has three videos which show how to spot a leak and prevent it. To view the videos visit  

BMA Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, said: “Water scarcity is a crucial issue for the UK, as climate change and population growth are predicted to create a structural deficit in water resources by 2050.

Innovative water-saving taps, showers and toilets are being designed and brought to market by our members, creating the sustainable bathrooms of the future.  

“We are also showing people how to check their toilet seals are clear of grim and limescale build up so they are operating correctly.  

Many people will not realise the toilet is leaking, so we are doing everything we can to share the message.

“If you need a replacement seal, or you need some advice please speak to your plumber, local merchant or the manufacturer, they will be happy to help.” 

In the 1960’s the average person used 85litres of water a day, whereas today’s figure is 143litres. Checking toilets for water wastage is a simple step to help reduce this. 

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