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Checking loos saves water in hot weather

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association is urging everyone to check their toilets for leaks and conserve water during the heatwave.  

As the country basks in glorious sun, temperatures reaching over 30 degrees have prompted some water companies to issue warnings.  

  • Scottish Water has warned that an extra 200 million litres of water per day is being produced to cope with the spike in temperatures.  
  • Severn Trent has revealed demand is also peaking. On average, customers are using an extra 60 litres of water per person – on top of the 145 litres normally. 

Severn Trent is outlining a range of pointers to help customers use water wisely, including checking for leaky loos.  

Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, Tom Reynolds, said: “We’re pleased to see water companies asking people to check for leaks in their toilets.

“People may have a substantial water leak and not even notice it. Limescale, cleaning products and grime can build up and stop the parts working properly, causing water to constantly trickle into the toilet bowl.

“Truthfully, we know checking inside your toilet is not something you’re rushing to do but especially during a heatwave, we’re urging people to take the plunge. It’s a straightforward way to cut water waste.  

“Spotting and preventing leaks in toilets is really easy, thankfully it won’t look like a puddle of water on your bathroom floor. You should look out for a steady trickle of water at the back of the toilet bowl.

“It is estimated one in 20 toilets are clogged up, and if everyone spotted the leaks and maintain their toilets properly it could save nearly 400 million litres of water a day.”

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association #GetLavvySavvy campaign has a series of videos and tips showing people what to look out for and how to maintain a toilet properly.  

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