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Inside our Factory

Carron Bathrooms, Europe’s leading bath manufacturer has confirmed our commitment to ongoing productivity growth, with the commissioning of a new automated line at its manufacturing base in Falkirk, Scotland.

Carron has long led the way when it comes to product development, specification, and quality assurance, and is now increasing its productivity without compromising product standards.  The first of two reinforcement lines includes three robots, which will facilitate reinforcement application, trimming and drilling as well as packing and palletisation.

The productivity gains will allow Carron to counter some of the inflationary pressures faced in raw materials and energy increases without having to compromise on specification.  “Shrinkflation” is a term we hear more and more, however Carron are determined to offset rising supply costs with process improvements not compromising on proven specifications.

About Carron

Carron Bathrooms has built our reputation based on manufacturing first class products.  Designed Without Compromise is not just a slogan, but an approach.  From the concept phase, Carron look to design products to enhance the bathing experience.  That means working to the tightest radius’ so that the user is able to make the most of the bathroom space they have available.  By using only 5mm acrylic, it ensures that baths will be still retain the warmth and strength expected.

The original Carron Company was founded in 1759 manufacturing Iron products, from Cannons to iconic red Phone boxes.  While the products and materials may have changed, a dedication to innovation has remained.  Creating products that will provide the user with the comfort and practicality they desire.

Carron’s Commitments

In addition to manufacturing great products, Carron are acutely aware of our impact on our environment.  Firstly, by manufacturing products that are built to last, which is why Carron is introducing even longer warranties on our products.  Our Carronite™ reinforced baths ensure greater heat retention when bathing, while providing enhanced strength if required as a showering space.  In celebration of 40 years of Carronite™ we are extending our warranties to 40 years.

Carron retain ISO: 14001; for Environmental Management, which ensures that we look for continuous improvements in our environmental footprint, through energy generation, supply chain management and recycling.

What next…

At the heart of Carron is of course, creating beautiful products.  Which is why our Editions+ collection will be enhanced from 2024 to incorporate a new material with a Matt White finish.  Designed to be the focal point of a bathroom, the Editions collection represents our commitment to creating indulgent bathing spaces while elevating the design of the product so that nothing is compromised.

Carron are a company dedicated to continuous improvement, in our products, processes and people.  The pride our people take in their role, from Quality Assurance to Customer Service has always been the foundation of what we do.

We want to sincerely thank the BMA for the opportunity to tell you about our company, and would welcome you to learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting or getting in touch at [email protected]

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