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Bringing product brochures to life with digital technology

Selling bathrooms successfully is as much down to the consumer experience as it is to the products.

In today’s world, that means embracing the latest technology to bring designs, and the products within them, to life. Consumers want to experience what their new bathroom will actually be like before they will be completely sold on an idea.

Virtual Worlds retailers will have seen this when using 4D to provide customers with an immersive design experience. But really, the customer journey begins long before the planning gets underway. Often, the first port of call is the product brochure. The question is, how can you make this interactive and persuasive when it’s literally just some photos on paper or a PDF? How can you bring those images, as lovely as they are, to life for your customers?

Our answer is to integrate digital technology too The Virtual Brochure from Virtual Worlds uses state-of-the-art CGI modelling, animation and cinematic storytelling to offer an exciting alternative to printed marketing collateral.

Every product and its USP can be explored in interactive 3D in intimate close-up detail, and their stories told through aspirational animated movies within the app. And by using Augmented Reality, products leap from the app into the home, enabling consumers to try them for size before they commit to purchase, bringing the brochure to life.

The automotive industry has shown that changing behaviours, away from a dependence on print and to almost exclusively digital marketing assets, is not only far more acceptable to retailers and consumers than originally perceived, but hugely advantageous for data-driven marketing analysis and streamlined home-to-store sales processes.

The Virtual Brochure from Virtual Worlds is transformative, both for the environment and for bathroom industry marketing.

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