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BMA resigns membership of the CBI

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association’s (BMA) thoughts are first and foremost with the people who have suffered due to the alleged sexual misconduct and crimes connected to the CBI. These behaviours do not reflect the values of the BMA or our members, nor are they representative of the modern UK industry.

Today (28 April), the BMA provided its resignation from CBI membership with immediate effect.

The BMA is the voice of the UK bathroom industry. The association has traditionally used CBI membership to have that voice heard at the top table of Government, particularly in areas of shared interest with other parts of the business community. Recent events have hampered the CBI’s ability to connect with policymakers, perhaps irrevocably.

The BMA is exploring alternative ways of contributing to high-level policymaking, including through its other affiliations. A priority will be ensuring BMA continues getting the industry’s points across to key stakeholders.

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