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Bathroom manufacturers discover shock views of public toilets

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association’s ‘Nowhere to go’ report, published this week, summarises recent results of a survey on the state of our public loos.

The findings do not make a pleasant read, with the national average score for local public loos at a lowly 4.2 out of 10.

Only a quarter of people feel there are enough public loos in their area, and only one in three believe those toilets are clean and well kept.

The report also uncovers the reasons people dodge public loos and the factors they consider make for a good facility.

Bathroom Manufacturers Association, Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, said: “Public loos are an essential piece of social infrastructure which has been neglected for too long.

“The bathroom manufacturers, the people who make the fixtures and fittings that go into washrooms, are innovating with more water-efficient, user-friendly and robust products so these facilities can run at their most efficient in terms of water and energy usage, and therefore contribute positively towards the country’s sustainability goals.

“But a lack of co-ordinated investment for many decades has resulted in inadequate public toilet provision.

“We feel it is time for policy-makers to reverse the trend of public toilet provision, and our survey results suggests the British public thinks so too.”

Richard Braid, MD of Cistermiser & Keraflo, who are BMA members, said: “Public toilets have a real impact on our local communities and can restrict people’s daily activities.

“We know, hundreds of public toilets have closed across the country in the last decade and the BMA’s report clearly indicates the impact this is having on the public.

“They are often viewed as an expensive provision which local authorities are not legally required to provide, leaving them vulnerable to cuts.

“We need to recognise how important they are to the public and change the script.”

The BMA is calling on MPs and the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee to launch an inquiry to forensically examine the issue.

Members of the public can support this by contacting their local MP to share their views on the matter here.

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