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Bathroom Lighting Trends 2024

The addition of a cleverly thought-out lighting scheme can make a massive impact on the final look of any bathroom. Here we look at the different ways you can enhance your space, no matter the size or style of your bathroom.

Pendant Lighting isn’t just for the kitchen!

Adding a pendant lighting to the bathroom can create a stunning effect. Make sure that the pendant you choose has the correct IP rating for its location (if in doubt, consult a lighting specialist). A pair of matching pendants look amazing situated either side of a basin unit or a
mirror and can provide extra illumination to brighten up your morning routine.

Get smart in the bathroom.

The use of smart technology in the bathroom is a growing trend. The newest addition to our smart range is our Skylar Smart Tech LED Mirror. As well as being illuminated, it also features a 21.5 inch HD screen that enables you to watch your favourite shows on apps such as Netflix, or listen to music on the Spotify or Youtube music apps via the built in speakers. Other useful technologies are incorporated, such as the health management system, and the toothbrushing tutorials which are an excellent way to get the kids excited about looking after their own oral health!.

Create your own spa in the comfort of your own home!

Spa like bathrooms continue to be popular, Dimmable LED Lighting can help achieve this look. Adding LED strip or spotlights tucked away in an alcove for example, that can be dimmed can create a relaxing ambience. We have various IP rated LED strips which are safe to use in the bathroom, and can even be connected to a voice controlled assistant such as Alexa, or a smart phone to fully control the look you desire.

Not much room for lighting? Add an illuminated mirror for a simple, yet effective light source.

Even if your bathroom is small and doesn’t have much scope for a dramatic lighting scheme, the addition of an illuminated mirror can transform a space instantly and create a wow factor. Most of our mirrors are Tunable white too, which means they can be changed from warm white, to natural white, or to cool white, as well as dimmable using the built in touch buttons, so you can fully customise the mirror to suit your décor or preference.

Floating furniture with hidden illumination

Floating vanity units are currently trending, and installing some suitably IP rated strip underneath such units can create a beautiful effect. Adding a motion sensor to this type of product can also help preserve energy. These types of lights connected to a motion sensor can also double up as an automatic night light, perfect for guiding little ones at night-time.

Guest blog provided by BMA member SycamoreLED

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