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Virtual events not only help you expand your audience and impact, but they can be an effective way to increase revenue and track key data about your audience.  

At present the KBB and interiors sector is without a dedicated space to host their launches online or promote their products. 

Hausr, the new digital platform, is created in response to that problem, and the first partner brands are already signed up to secure their spot in the new home improvement digital hub. 

BMA is working in partnership with KBB Focus to launch Hausr to provide the perfect mix of inclusive digital engagement for customers and key stakeholders.   

It provides an all-year-round showcase space for launching products, displaying key info, scheduling chats and even running CPD training.  

Tom Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, said: “With so many people continuing to work remotely, meeting on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams are commonplace.  

“These platforms are great for traditional webinars and committee formats, but they do not serve a specific marketing goal. There is so much more you can with a dedicated, interactive digital platform.  

“We’ve worked with partners to create Hausr. It aims to give businesses  a more interactive and immersive platform to for use 365 days of the year. 

“The platform will control ticketing and registration, promotion, hosting, live chat, product demonstrations, break up sessions into smaller groups, and meeting scheduling, all for annual fee.” 

Find out more in the Hausr media pack linked here, with special discounted rates for BMA members.  

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