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Yvonne Orgill MD at the Unified Water Label Association believes that 2021 will present new opportunities for the bathroom to embrace water efficiency

With the first vaccine now being administered there is hope that we will eventually return to a normal world. As we emerge from this lockdown many governments are introducing initiatives to stimulate the economy using the ‘green agenda’ as the platform, for short, medium and long term gains for all.

For bathroom product manufacturers and sellers, a menu of incentive initiatives will be introduced that include water and energy efficiency measures such as in the ‘Green Deal’, Renovation Wave and other climate change strategies.

The bathroom industry has a not to be missed opportunity to market innovative water efficient products, and collectively help to meet the governments environmental goals.

Today there is a diverse population across multiple demographics each requiring differing bathing needs, therefore maintaining choice in the marketplace is key.  However, all must recognise there is a finite supply of water that must be managed carefully. A smart tool such as the Unified Water Label allows industry to present products that deliver the required performance but use less.  The Unified Water Label is the industries smart tool, which will work well with aiding government strategies, whilst delivering commercial advantages for bathroom businesses.

The bathroom industry has a role to play in educating end users on how to use products wisely.  Knowing how much water and associated energy the product delivers, will help users make better decisions and lead to less waste. There is no single solution to creating change and driving forward the water efficiency agenda. If we are to influence consumer behaviour and reduce water waste for the benefit of the next generation, we all need to work together now.

If we come together we can lead with the Unified Water Label and not have a mandatory energy label imposed. Mandatory elements may not suit bathroom products and could lead to consumer dissatisfaction and brand dilution.  Historically energy labels eradicate the most inefficient product and influence greater efficiency, great for direct energy using products, not so well for primary metric water using products.

Consumers seeking sustainability and environmental information are now looking for the label and governments are providing the economic framework, making 2021 an ideal year to contribute towards saving the planet, and gain commercial advantage from supporting the Unified Water Label.

This guest blog was written by Yvonne Orgill, MD at Unified Water Label

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