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Teamwork to truly value water

Demystifying water sustainability requires combined efforts and team work to truly value water.

The Unified Water Label Association knows collaboration and cooperation is key to making an impact, it’s the basis of the label’s existence, having been developed from a merger of four other main industry schemes.

There is a renewed awareness among governments and consumers that climate change should be taken seriously, and with the Unified Water Label gaining ground across Europe, there is much to be gained from sharing experiences. We especially need to reach those involved in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and purchasing, water consuming bathroom products.

In marking World Water Day, we are calling on the kbb industry to value and protect the Earth’s fresh water supply and press for the sustainable management of this critical resource.

The theme of World Water Day 2021 ‘Valuing Water’, will be explored at our virtual conference, Water Matters, on Tuesday 13 April. It is a free, 90 min event, bringing together representatives from across Europe to discuss why water matters to them, and how they are communicating this important message in their own marketplace.

Guest speaker, Impact Entrepreneur Ben Keene, cofounded Tribewanted, an eco-friendly sustainable community in Fiji, and has spent 20 years exploring how to make a positive impact through building start-ups, communities and adventures around the world.

Carlos Velazquez, newly elected president of UWLA, will also speak at the event to update on the progress of the Unified Water Label across Europe.

This is an important conference for anyone who communicates with customers on water efficiency and environmental issues. A great line up of speakers will share their strategies and outline how best to convey the benefits of water saving products and the Unified Water Label.

 This guest blog was provided by Yvonne Orgill, MD UWLA

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