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Horne Engineering Ltd joins the BMA

Horne Engineering Ltd, a distinguished leader in developing and manufacturing thermostatic controls, valves, taps and showers, has joined the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA).

This partnership aligns perfectly with the BMA’s ongoing campaign to mandate the use of thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) in residential properties and non-domestic facilities, enhancing safety and hygiene standards across the UK.

With an impressive 115-year legacy, Horne Engineering Ltd is an independent, third-generation family-owned and operated company. Known for its dedication to quality and innovation, Horne supplies its products directly to end users. Every Horne tap, TMV, and shower valve undergoes a rigorous performance test throughout the manufacturing process to ensure reliability and safety.

Horne Engineering Ltd has also been at the forefront of addressing critical health concerns. The rise in opportunistic pathogens, such as multi-drug-resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, has spotlighted retrograde contamination of healthcare water systems. To combat this threat, Horne developed the In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit (ILTDU), patented worldwide. This innovative solution helps mitigate the risk of healthcare water systems becoming reservoirs of potential infection by retrograde contaminants.

The BMA’s Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership: “We are delighted to welcome Horne Engineering Ltd to the BMA. Their vital work in developing thermostatic controls plays a crucial role in preventing scalding incidents, and their proactive approach to mitigating pathogen risks in healthcare settings is commendable. Together, we can continue to advance safety and hygiene standards across various sectors.”

Angus Horne, Managing Director of Horne Engineering Ltd, shared his thoughts on joining the BMA: “Becoming a member of the BMA is an important milestone for Horne Engineering Ltd. It provides us with a platform to voice the significance of thermostatic mixing valves to a wider audience.

“We are committed to enhancing safety and hygiene standards through our innovative solutions, and we look forward to contributing to the BMA’s mission.”

Horne Engineering Ltd’s membership with the BMA marks a significant step forward in advocating for the mandatory use of TMVs and reinforcing the importance of advanced water system safety measures. The collaboration promises to foster greater awareness and adoption of critical technologies safeguarding public health.

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