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Get Lavvy Savvy campaign launch

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association is aiming to change the way we look at our loos in a new campaign.

The #Get Lavvy Savvy #CheckYourLavvy campaign launches today and is highlighting the basic maintenance steps required to prevent water wastage in toilets.

In a series of three videos, viewers can learn how to identify the problem, look at inlet valves and examine outlet valves. The videos are available at

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association has more than 70 members who are speaking with one voice on this important issue. It is identified as a key priority for the sector, both in terms of raising awareness of WC maintenance, and tackling water scarcity.

BMA Chief Executive, Tom Reynolds, said: “Like any equipment, all toilet mechanisms require correct installation and occasional maintenance. When leaks do occur, many people may not realise it.

“Bathroom manufacturers are fully committed to reducing wasted water, including from leaking toilets.

“Routine maintenance will help prevent leaks and when a leak is spotted, it can usually be repaired with some simple and inexpensive solutions.

“We hope this campaign helps to demystify the maintenance of loos. Checking your toilet once a year should be as easy as bleeding your radiators. Everyone can do it and we’ve set out some helpful videos to make it as straightforward as possible.”

Water scarcity is a crucial issue for the UK, as climate change and population growth are predicted to create a structural deficit in water resources by 2050.Waterwise, a leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, is backing the #GetLavvySavvy campaign.

Nicci Russell, Managing Director of Waterwise, said: “We hope that by making people more aware of toilet maintenance, we will reduce water wastage and start to change the way we all think about toilets.

“Action like this is needed to safeguard our future water supply and ensure we are all doing our bit to tackle climate change.”

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