07th Dec 2018


BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill has received an award for Outstanding Contribution to the KBB Industry, at the ek&bbusiness Awards 2018.

Yvonne received the award from the host, ITV’s chief football commentator, CliveTyldesley, at a glittering ceremony held at the Brewery in London on 29 November.

Clive said, “Weare delighted to recognise someone who is a proven leader, a true fountain of knowledge, and a go-to person.  Someone who brings rival companies and viewpoints together and gets things done.  You could say this lady has broken the mould of trade associations with her long list of achievements, hard won for the bathroom industry.”

Yvonne said, “This award was a total surprise to me. I am honoured and humbled and am thankful that the industry has given me 33 wonderful years.”

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