12th Dec 2019


Simon Acres Group marked their move to a new office with a forum on the issue of Wellness in the Workplace, raising awareness with invited guests from KBB retailers, suppliers and trade associations. 

Guest speakers Suzanne Skeete, managing director of TT Training Academy and James Hitchin from Stress Matters, presented some startling statistics about how many people are affected by mental health issues and the impact this can have on business.

Suzanne has worked with construction and specialist trade businesses and she estimates that in this industry alone, two people a day take their own lives. 

Simon Acres Group principal director Simon Acres said, “This is such a taboo topic, especially in our male dominated industry, we wanted to raise awareness and  encourage companies to consider what they can do to support  those that  are dealing with depression, anxiety, or even contemplating suicide.

“There was so much support from our guests, we hope that we have begun an industry wide conversation, one that will start to make a difference and will ultimately lead to saving lives.”

Tom Reynolds, CEO at the Bathroom Manufacturers Association was present, he said, “I fully support the idea that we have to foster more openness about mental health in the workplace.  We all need to look at our organisations and see if we can introduce measures that will support employees.”

Trevor Scott from Rugby Fitted Kitchens added, “The statistics are shocking, especially when we all have the ability to make changes.  Everyone can make a difference and I welcome the opportunity to raise awareness and contribute to creating a business culture where help-seeking is supported.” 

Guests heard how employees can train a nominated member of staff to become a First Aid Mental Health Champion in the workplace. Training is available from Suzanne and James that provides valuable support to those in crisis or requiring assistance.  Call Simon Acres Group on 0203 701 6660 for details. 

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