24th Jan 2018

Stop Scalding Injuries For Good With TMVs

At the Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association, we aim to play an active role in educating the consumer about the importance of reducing the chances of injury from scalding accidents.

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, everyday in the UK, nine children are admitted to hospital with burns and scalds, 95% of which happen at home.[Office1] 

The effect of scalding accidents changes lives forever, not just for the individual, but their families too. The incidents are sudden and the effects are devastating.

The last place anyone expects deadly accidents to occur is in the bathroom or kitchen of their own home, but the shocking truth is that people do die in their homes from scalding accidents, due to uncontrolled hot water.

Scalding is an extremely serious injury and in the majority of cases, it is the most vulnerable – namely children and the elderly – who are effected, due to their thinner skin. As a result, they sustain scalds more quickly, at lower water temperatures, and often with a greater depth of burn.

Furthermore, those with reduced ability to perceive risk or react to hazardous situations – such as those with mental or physical disabilities – are also at greater risk of scald injuries.

While the incidence of these injuries remains high, never has it been more vital to educate consumers on the importance of TMVs.  These simple, effective and relatively inexpensive products you can install, can prevent devastating and lasting injuries.

By using TMVs to easily regulate water temperature, your customers can easily prevent scalding by hot water from the water outlets in their homes. And due to their easy installation, it has never been easier to make the home a safer environment.

Every year, tragically 20 people die as the result of scalds caused by hot bath water, and a further 570 suffer serious scald injuries. The very simple measure of installing TMVs can prevent deaths and injuries as a result of scalding.

As installers, we encourage you to continue highlighting the benefits of TMVs to your customers.  In particular, we recommend the use of TMVs in hospitals, care homes, schools and the homes of your friends and families.  We need to spread the message to help reduce the incidence of scalding accidents, and the devastating effects these incidents have on lives.

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