19th Dec 2019


The BMA has reacted to comments from President Trump this week regarding the impact of water efficiency measures on the flow of water from taps, showers and in the WC.

It is reported that the President, who became the third U.S. president in history to be impeached on Wednesday 18 December, made his comments during a roundtable with small business leaders about deregulatory actions

“ BMA CEO Tom Reynolds said, “ It appears that the President was unhappy with low-flow appliances, suggesting that it was leading people to spend too long in the bathroom, as they had to wait for very slow flows of water from taps or repeatedly flush toilets, maybe 10—15 times. It was reported that he has asked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to look into the issue.

“The EPA has a voluntary program that labels efficient fixtures, such as showerheads, called WaterSense, similar to the Unified Water Label (UWL) that the BMA supports.

“It will be interesting to see if this develops, if President Trump survives the impeachment and remains in office. 

“Whilst this may have been reported with some humour, it is a serious point, as there is clearly a balance to be maintained between, water efficiency, functionality and safety.  

“In the UK and Europe the BMA and manufacturers are encouraging consumers to make more informed choices, asking them to look for The Unified Water Label, (UWL).  This voluntary and independent label provides a clear and simple system to identify water saving products.  The label also includes information on the water flow, flush or volume.  

“With Brexit on course to happen and trade talks with the US imminent, this could be another area, along with  product standards for bathroom products such as shower trays,  that will need to be considered to foster good trading relationships.”


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