03rd Jun 2019

MERLYN (the UK’s leading shower enclosure company) unveils “JUST A REMINDER….” Campaign with a launch party at Tonight Josephine

The walls of Tonight Josephine in London’s Waterloo were pushed to their limits on Thursday (22nd May) with the crush of journalists, influencers, celebrities and MERLYN staff attending the launch party #justareminder; the amazing collaboration between the shower enclosure company and grant funding charity, The Pink Ribbon Foundation. A recent consumer survey carried out by Norstat clearly demonstrated how easy it is to forget to check breasts regularly, and despite the shower being one of the most logical places to do this 75% of won forget. Of these, 65% said the pink ribbon symbol would act as an excellent reminder. MERLYN are placing the evocative laser-cut pink ribbon on their enclosures. #justareminder 

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