13th Aug 2018


BMA technical director Andy McLean attended an ISO meeting in Australia that brought together representatives from China, Japan, UK, USA, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore, to discuss how this could be achieved.

Andy said, “The scope of this meeting was very clearly not to affect water label and efficiency schemes that are already in place regionally or otherwise, but to provide a test method, banding system and guide that would influence countries adopting a water scheme.

“The aim of the work is to develop universally recognised bandings for water use and easily implemented methods to provide measurement of water that can be used across a wide scope of water using products including tapware, sanitaryware and household appliances.

“We recognise that this will be challenging due to regional and current scheme differences, but there is a will to work towards global water efficiencies as we all face the impact of climate change and global warming.

“The BMA has been active in bringing the European Labelling Schemes together under one fully supported Water Label scheme.  We hope that by being part of this international team we can similarly influence the development of this important international standard.”


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