Understanding the EU Drinking Water Directive and Upcoming Harmonized Regulations for the Water Industry

Since the EU regulatory landscape is changing for water contact products and materials through 2027, developing your certification strategy can be a difficult thing to get right.

Let us help you navigate this complicated topic. Join us for this webinar, where NSF will cover the history of the harmonization of these regulations/requirements, upcoming deadlines, and pathways to compliance.

Agenda/Topics covered:

Opening: Background on the European Drinking Water Directive and the regulation harmonization effort

Topic 2: Outline of the new requirements for water contact materials and products

Topic 3: Overview of the transition period and preparation required

Topic 4: Explanation of the future of existing EU national approvals (KTW-BWGL, ACS, etc.)

Topic 5: Summary of upcoming deadlines and milestones

Topic 6: Practical examples of EU certification strategies for this market


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