BMA Sustainability Awards 2022

We are proud to be celebrating the achievements and progress of BMA members in our second year of the Sustainability Awards.

Following the successful launch in 2021, we are looking forward to a new crop of entries from manufacturers who are changing things for the better and transforming the bathroom sector’s environmental credentials.

This is a priority topic in our industry and these awards, unique in the trade association world, are just one way we are demonstrating our commitment to breaking new ground.

The awards recognise the phenomenal hard work taking place across the sector. They are open to full BMA members and affiliates. Entries are now and can be emailed to The deadline is 1st September 2022.

Each entrant will complete a short written submission explaining their sustainability improvement, along with a quick supporting video which can be self-shot footage.

A specialist panel of high-profile judges will judge each of the categories and will be looking for quality, impactful and inspirational examples of sustainability in the sector.

Entry Requirements

Entries are permitted from full or affiliate members of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association only.

Entries should take the form of a 300–400-word narrative explaining the project, product, or initiative you would like to be considered by the judges. The entry should cover the background, team members involved process and, most importantly, outcomes.

All entries should be accompanied by a video of up to three minutes. It hasn’t got to be flashy, with an iPhone video or captioned slideshow perfectly acceptable, but it must illustrate the key points of your entry.


Carbon Reduction Award:
Sponsored by Elemental

Around the world, businesses are rallying in response to climate change and the race to zero carbon. In the UK, the Government is seeking a zero-carbon recovery from the pandemic. This award will recognise the efforts of bathroom manufacturers to reduce their carbon impact e.g., through energy efficiency, adoption of renewables, greening the fleet, etc.

The judging criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) level of carbon abatement 3) execution of the initiative

The Water Efficiency Award:
Sponsored by UWLA

BMA has been at the forefront of highlighting the energy/water nexus to policymakers. Making the built environment more water-efficient must be part of our national plans to decarbonise. With over 60% of domestic water, consumption is in the bathroom, our sector must play its part.  –

The judging criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) potential water efficiency achieved 3) innovativeness of the product  

Circular Economy Award:
Sponsored by UKE

In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources. As manufacturers, BMA members have a role in moving towards circularity. This award will recognise companies’ efforts e.g., materials stewardship, reducing/removing waste or designing products with circularity in mind.

The judging criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) fidelity to circular economy principles 3) scale of impact 

Workplace Initiative Award:
Bathroom manufacturers, as employers, can significantly benefit the environment by nudging their staff’s behaviours both inside and outside of work. This award will recognise initiatives that bring teams on the green journey.

The judging criteria will be 1) quality of the entry 2) extent and quality of staff involvement 3) potential environmental impact

Behaviour Change Award:
This is a new category for the 2022 awards. Last year the judges recognised that provoking behaviour change among consumers, and encouraging them to make more sustainable choices around the bathroom, is a keyway in which bathroom manufacturers can make a positive environmental impact. Whether it’s through a marketing campaign or a nudge-giving product innovation, this award will celebrate bathroom manufacturers who are bringing customers on the journey.

The judging criteria for this award will be 1) quality of the entry 2) novel approach to achieving behaviour change 3) response of the audience and outcomes

Early Journey Award:
Sponsored by NBS

As the Chinese proverb states “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

The criteria for this award will be 1) quality of the entry 2) level of enthusiasm for sustainability 3) coherence of the approach



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