Installer 2021
Rioch Arena, Coventry

Back in March it was announced that, because of the uncertainty around COVID-19, Installer2020 would be postponed to December. That seemed a sensible decision and the right thing to do at the time. Most importantly, our visitors and exhibitors agreed.

In recent weeks we’ve seen a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, but we still cannot be absolutely certain that Government guidelines regarding social distancing and large gatherings will be sufficiently eased to allow our industry to confidently come together in the kind of numbers we would hope to attract by December.

We are absolutely committed to staging this exhibition and we know that the industry wants to support it. So, it’s all about timing and being certain that when we do stage the event, we can ensure the safest and most successful outcome.

We have, therefore, decided to postpone the Installer show until 11-13 May 2021. By then confidence will have hopefully returned, businesses will be in a better position to concentrate on an event like this, and installers will be more willing to commit to it.

In 2021, InstallerSHOW is getting bigger – with more exhibition space and more special feature areas attracting more new visitor groups.

  • AN ADDITIONAL 25% FLOORSPACE is being added
  • NEW COMMERCIAL AREAS + dedicated ‘commercial features’
  • NEW BATHROOM ZONE with the emphasis on fitting and fitters
  • NEW TOOL ZONE with lots of retail opportunities

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