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How to reduce the aches and pains from working at home

How to reduce the aches and pains from working at home:

Working from home can come as a bit of a shock to your body, particularly when it`s something you`re not normally used to doing. Not everyone is set up to work from home which means you might find yourself working in postures that your body hasn’t been used to. Normally in the office environment, individuals have comfortable office chairs, desks set at the right heights and other bits of equipment to make working easier and more comfortable.

You may have found yourself suddenly having to work at the kitchen table or sitting on an uncomfortable dining chair which hasn’t been designed for prolonged sitting. We may be working at desk heights we`re not used to and your screen height might be different from that of when you are in the office. You may also be using handheld devices more to answer those emails.

This sudden shock to the body can result in aches and pains in our joints and muscles if we don’t take the necessary measures to prevent them.

Top Tips:

1: Change postures regularly throughout the day. Our bodies are designed to bend, twist and turn. Let`s keep it that way

2: Ensure that when you are working on a laptop or other devices you are sat in a good posture. Please see

3: Take regular breaks and try to get outside for a couple of short walks a day. This will also help to clear your mind and you`ll come back refreshed.

4: Try FitBack`s Super 7, 7 exercises, 7 minutes, for a fitter back. Contact FitBack for further details on how this could benefit your team.

This guest blog was written by Jonathan Daniel, Director at Fitback Physiotherapy Ltd

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