Water has become something we take for granted – it comes out of a convenient tap – we have several in our homes - we can have as many baths as we like – if we prefer we can have a shower – when we use the toilet everything is flushed away, removed and managed for us – most of our homes are heated using hot water radiators.

Today, ‘luxury’ is a power-shower, a spa-bath or a wet-room – but if you look back at the way your great-grandparents used water, things were very different.

If we go back one hundred years there were just over 38 million people living in the UK (1901 Census) by the end of the century that had grown to almost 59 million – that is an extra 21 million people and we’re all using 150 litres of water per person, per day – that would be an additional 1,150 billion litres of water, but the 38 million people living in 1901 didn’t use anything like as much as we use today, the best estimates are around 50 litres per person, per day.

So modern demands on water are something like 3,450 billion litres more today than we used 100 years ago – but that’s not all – currently we are experiencing Global Warming and that’s altering rainfall patterns. It doesn’t rain as much today as it did 100 years ago, so we are facing a situation where we have to think more carefully about the way we use water.

Look around these pages and see how you can help by using water wisely in the bathroom.