The Campaign

Scalding accidents change lives.  Forever.

The impact on the individual and their families is sudden and devastating.

The last place you would expect deadly accidents to occur is in your bathroom. But it’s a shocking fact that people do die in the bathroom from scalding accidents due to uncontrolled hot water.

Scalding is deadly serious and the very young and the very old, those with thinner skin, are the most vulnerable.

But it needn't’t be so, since simple and relatively inexpensive bathroom products with built-in thermostatic devices will prevent such devastating accidents.


Special message from Amanda Redman MBE


"As patroof the Children’s Burns Trust I was delighted to learn of the latest Hot Water Burns Like Fire Campaign; it is particularly heartening to see  industrial, academic, medical, regulatory and social organisations working together to raise awareness and work towards a solution. 


I know only too well the pain, both physical and psychological, of scalding – the life long implications of an accident that occurred in an instant.  I am delighted to endorse the Hot Water Burns Life Fire Campaign – and hope that after exploring this excellent website you will agree! "